Hand drawn typography.

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

To note Ken Barber from his interview with the German publishing company Gestalten,

'To draw is to become a better letterer'.

I've been drawing lettering since I was 14 and love it, though back then it was mainly the art and style of graffiti I hold it close to my heart that drafting lettering by hand makes me feel alive.

It's funny looking back on my school days and drawing lettering back then, I would draw with a friend of mine and we sat in his bedroom listening to Three Feet High and Rising by De La Soul on repeat.

That friend went on to become a typographer and I eventually became a senior lecturer teaching type and broader principles of graphic design within higher education, before focusing almost entirely on sign writing and reverse glass sign making.

I still love drawing type as much as I did then and feel I can loose hours into the process finding it very relaxing.

Signs by Umberto

Traditional signwriter based between West Yorkshire and Manchester specialising in reverse glass signs and gold leaf application.

All work © of Robert Walker - owner of Signs by Umberto.

Artwork except Knuckle on the pages Record Sleeves and Reading are not the work of Signs by Umberto and are on display only to showcase the inspiration to the sign writing.

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